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new crias! A girl at last!

Two llamas in the show ring,both in the top ten at 2005 Grand Nationals .

Carolina Llamas - Raising llamas is a labor of love.

We welcome you to our home on the WEB. On these pages we will share our llama herd and a bit about ourselves. We are proud of this exceptional herd and enjoy sharing them with others. As an example the pictures in the slide show to the right were taken at the Belk corporate headquarters building in Charlotte, North Carolina this past summer. We were asked to bring in a couple of llamas for Belk employees and their children to see during the lunch hour as part of their cultural diversity celebration of Peru's Independence Day. We took six and let the employees and their guest lead and get to know our llamas up close and personal, not in the parking lot but inside on polished marble and carpet for the better part of two hours. I am not sure who enjoyed the outing more, the people or our llamas.

Our herd represents some of the finest blood lines in this country. Many are champions in the show ring. All are champions in our heart. Please come and visit for your personal llama experience. If you would like to learn more about llamas but can't visit, use our contact us page to request a copy of Discover Llamas. Be sure to give us your mailing address in the comment section.

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